molly hagan

Meet Molly

I grew up in Georgia and while I have lots of fond feelings for the Peach State, my heart belongs in the mountains of SW Virginia. Growing up, my parents & sister all work(ed) in medical fields, but I have never been one to follow a common course, so here we are! After earning a BA in Sociology & Anthropology, I pursued a career in outdoor education. Makes sense, right?

molly hagan

I’ve had a camera in my hand for years; starting with countless disposables, then an old film point-and-shoot, then a digital point-and-shoot, a film SLR, eventually a digital SLR, to a whole collection of gear these days.  I photographed lots of subjects over the years (breathtaking landscapes, photojournalism assignments in college, rock-climbing with friends, etc.) but never quite settled on one subject matter.  I started photographing weddings in 2015, and realized that it was perfect for me - the fast-paced, high energy moments filled with a range of emotion were exactly what I wanted to photograph.  It’s a really special feeling to be able to preserve memories to last a lifetime.

Inclusivity is extremely important in my life and my business. I believe all love is beautiful and important. All individuals, couples and families are important, and I am thrilled to work with clients who agree

Other random facts about me:  I am an amateur gardener/plant person but still always crossing my fingers I don’t kill everything.  I was a camper and then staff at Camp Toccoa from the age of 12 to 25 and will forever extoll the benefits of summer camp & outdoor experiences for children.  My boys are the absolute best: my labradoodle Cooper, Zombie the mutt, and Zombie’s dad Chris.

Let’s work together, contact me to get started.