2017 Year in Review

I started 2017 with just a few goals for this business and lots of hope for a productive year.  I can't point to any one thing that made it happen, but I was blown away by how wonderful it turned out to be! 

My primary goal was to shoot 12 weddings in 2017 (which felt overly optimistic at the time), and ended up booking exactly 12 and second shooting a bunch along the way.  I setup a little office space and quickly realized how much better for me it would be than working from home.  I met some truly amazing individuals and am so grateful they trusted me to capture some absolutely incredible moments in their lives. 

My favorites include plenty of pretty portraits and little details, but many more emotional moments that I feel represent my approach to wedding photography.  I hope you enjoy!

(Click photos to view more from that session.)


I'll finish up by sharing a few personal photos from the year.  Thanks to Chris for keeping me sane, Cooper for keeping things crazy and Zombie for being there too, I love you all!