Kim + Geoff ◇ Fall Vineyard Engagement

I have yet to find a winery in Charlottesville that I don’t love, but King Family Vineyard really blows a lot of them out of the water! Kim, Geoff and I wandered around the fall vines on a beautiful (albeit chilly) fall evening as the sun was setting and made some beautiful pictures together. I recommend viewing these with a glass of wine in hand!

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Kait + Mark ◇ Mountaintop Backpacking Engagement

Backpacking in Virginia's Blue Ridge in fall is good enough all on its own.  Backpacking with friends who recently got engaged is just icing on the cake (or should I say, icing on the s'mores?)!  Obviously, this was not a typical photo session, but adventuring with friends (especially recently engaged friends) means I'm going to take pictures of them, and sometimes those pictures will be too good to keep to myself.  Congratulations to Kait & Mark and thanks for always being up for an adventure!

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